HIV symptoms in men

AIDS is such a disease, which, unfortunately, can be held in a hidden latent form, which can take a lot of time. Besides, during this initial time, the person can infect other people being completely unaware of this, because the tests may do not show anything.

Nowadays, of course, the major external signs of the HIV presence in the organism have been identified. But it should comply with certain security measures.

By the couple of months after the infection of HIV the organism of human produces antibodies, what leads to asymptomatic disease. This period may last from a several months to ten years. However, this phase is sometimes absent in patients. At initial stages of AIDS are affected the lungs, Kaposi's sarcoma begins to develop, mucous membranes and fungal skin appear, candidiasis appears as well as pneumocystis pneumonia and prolonged fever.

Number of the symptomatic signs of infection of HIV in women body is slightly different from HIV symptoms in men organism.

Just like women, men have a fever that can go on from a couple of weeks to one month. Then the body temperature will return to normal.
One of the most obvious HIV symptomatic signs is a characteristic rash in both men and women bodies. It can be often characterized by discolored skin fragments. This rash can often occur during the few first months or even couple of weeks after infection.
The male half of the population infected with HIV often has a headache. But, of course, it is unable to differentiate this disease by a headache, because it can appear after severe mental stress or colds.

In addition, the list of HIV symptoms in men include fatigue and appetite loss. One of the most striking and evident symptoms is larger lymph nodes in the different parts of body - armpits and groin as well as neck . Over time, they become harder and puffy. Carefully pay attention to this symptom because it is quite pronounced. They do not cause much discomfort and do not cause any pain. But it's notable, that, however, the lymph nodes are not only HIV inflamed, they may swell during other diseases.

According to the information above, we can make the conclusion that both men and women in finding infection of HIV in the body manifest many similar symptoms. Sometimes they can slightly differ. However, the identification of AIDS in women is a lot easier, as in them appear clearer signs than in men.

So, be very careful about the health of your organism. And, if you will find even the lightest deviation from your normal health state , contact the hospital. Make regular blood tests and urine tests for prevention. These tests can show the presence of initial stage of this disease.

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