HIV symptoms in men and women (general)

Detection of antibodies to HIV-1, 2 in patient's blood is a direct confirmation of HIV infection. These types of protein can be detected with the help of special tests, which are conducted in specialized laboratories and AIDS centers.

Conducting tests is advisable in a period from 2 weeks to 3 months, re-testing is recommended after 3-6 months, as the « serologic window» is formed between the infection and the formation of antibodies, and in this period the laboratory findings show a negative take, even in the presence of HIV infection.

The following clinical picture is characteristic of the majority HIV symptoms in men and women: some time after the infection (usually several weeks), HIV symptoms, which are similar to colds and flu symptoms, appear. Heat, lymphadenopathy, a sore throat, etc are present. And infected people do not always take these ailments for the first signs of HIV. Then the disease passes into an asymptomatic period, which lasts from 2 months to 20 years (i.e., the disease goes through 2 stages – persistence and latent). Within several years after this period, infection of various etiology and malignant tumors progress in patients.

The most common HIV symptoms in men and women:

  • weight loss, muscle mass loss, dystrophy,
  • chronic colds and diarrheas,
  • headaches,
  • rough breathing (dyspnoea),
  • thoracalgia,
  • visual loop,
  • periodontal diseases, mucitis,
  • herpes, including genital,
  • various papillomas, condylomas,
  • pulmonary diseases – pneumonia, tuberculosis,
  • viral hepatitis,
  • depressed mood, in conjunction with other HIV symptoms

Clinically, HIV infection is a bit different in patients, who use drugs as injections. As a rule, such people are taken ill with bacterial pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, STDs, hepatitis and etc more often. Symptoms of bacterial endocarditis and tricuspid valve diseases are also characteristic of drug addicts with HIV infection.
Children, especially infants, who took the HIV infection during the pregnancy or childbirth, have the faster progression of the disease, at that the growth is deterred and serious diseases that can lead to death appear.