Negative test for HIV positive patients.
HIV window period

Is it possible that patient of AIDS can have negative test results for HIV?

The diagram shows:
In black--- concentration of antibodies- CD4 cells in blood (million/l).
In white--- concentration of immunodeficiency virus
Approximate location of HIV window period (serological window) is highlighted with red highlighter.

Although, different people have different graphs, but the approximate form, which clearly demonstrates the course of disease is as such.

Can a person get infected with immunodeficiency virus from an HIV negative person, I.e. HIV tests show, that he is healthy?
I wanted to hear the answer to this question very clearly and precisely << NO >>, but reality dictates its own law.
When a person as a result of his ill-considered actions receives a knock-out dose {concentration exceeding 10 0000 copies/ml} of immunodeficiency virus, the following processes begin in the body:
-Rapid multiplication of HIV starts,
-The immune system of the body analyses the situation, realizes, that infection has taken place and starts to generate antibodies;
-These antibodies of HIV search for the virus and neutralize them.

Obviously, antibodies are produced after infection, and their concentration in the beginning is very low. Hence the test of HIV is conducted by measuring, particularly, contents of antibodies, so it shows absence of infection. But virus in the blood is still present. This situation is called the HIV window period. During, this period symptoms of HIV does not show up neither on men nor women, and the carrier of virus can intensively infect his own sexual partners. It is considered that “antibodies for HIV shows up in 90-95% patients after 3months of infection, rest 5-9% after 6months, and 0.5-1% of late period”.

This is the first version, when you can get infected with human immunodeficiency virus by a HIV negative person {according to analyses}

By the way, not to infect the patient during blood transfusion {at the time of surgical operations} from an unknown donor, certain measures are undertaken. In particular blood or plasma is frozen, and is stored for six months {earlier it was three months}. Afterwards again a blood specimen is taken from the donor and content of antibodies is checked for HIV. They must have been developed. If there is no presence of antibodies, then blood can be freely transfused as needed.  If you hit the HIV window period, {The time period between your exposure to HIV to the time you test positive for HIV antibodies is up to 3-6months. This period of time is called a “HIV window period” for HIV testing}. I.e. antibodies did not have time to work then you are in bad luck again.

This is the second possibility of getting infected with HIV, when all the tests are negative.

Sometime after contracting the immunodeficiency virus, the first early symptoms of HIV start to appear, afterwards all external and internal symptoms of the disease disappear. As if the patient is healthy.
Actually inside the human body a lot of things take place. Virus enters the cells of the body, infects them and starts to multiply. Now each infected cell changes his program and intensively starts to generate viruses, which pass through cellular membrane and proceed to other cells. The infection is repeated.
In turn, the immune system of the body produces antibodies which start to destroy HIV. Antibodies become more and more, virus accordingly, lesser & lesser. Analyses show that large quantity of antibodies begin to treat you from AIDS, and you start feeling better. All analyses and tests give positive results for the presence of immunodeficiency virus.
In further life, your immune system, burdened by an additional problem is gradually reducing the production of antibodies. {imagine, that you are participating in race, but unlike others you are running with backpack weighing 6-8kg, weight is not very much but you get tired faster}. This happens due to different natural reasons, starting from <<good or bad heredity >>, and depends on many factors, which make the immunity weak, { If you meet an accident, the weakened immune system is not able to resist}.
As the virus mutates, the concentration gradually increases. Infecting more and more blood cells {CD-4 T Lymphocytes}. HIV reduces the ability of immune system, simultaneously increasing their concentration.

Eventually, the production of antibodies does not keep pace with the quantity of infected cells, and a situation arises, when all antibodies are dead, but HIV infected cells are still present {alive}. Occurs explosive growth in concentration of HIV, and the weak organism dies of the last stage of AIDS.

Lack of antibodies - the analyses give negative results. According to HIV test - you are healthy! This is one more version, when you may get infected of virus immunodeficiency from HIV negative {as analyses show} person.