Is there a cure for HIV
AIDS, according to accountability of its results is one of the most horrible diseases known in the world. More than 30 million people have died from AIDS (during entire time), and more than 35 million are recorded at present with HIV infection (not counting the people who are not included in the statistics). With AIDS in this respect can compete not a lot of diseases, but a few, e.g. cancer and tuberculosis. By the way the most common and opportunistic infections due to which actually people die is tuberculosis and KAPOSI’s sarcoma(skin cancer). In the treatment of AIDS the case shows: In every two people who are under cure for HIV, five new patients with symptoms of diseases come up with HIV infection.

At present AIDS is incurable. All medicines against HIV are aimed to maintain parity between the viruses in blood and immune protection of organism- quantity of CD4 T lymphocytes.
If the treatment of immunodeficiency is conducted (without the consultation of doctor, not observing the schedule of medicines, etc.) then the primary HIV symptoms (value) rapidly overtake the secondary, and the organism does have the resistance to fight with the secondary diseases. Life span or life expectancy with AIDS in active stage is approximately 9 months.

If the treatment of immunodeficiency is conducted accordingly, then the first magnitude gradually overtakes the secondary, and the organism does not have the resistance to fight with secondary diseases not instantly, but after a longer time period. Average life expectancy with HIV depends on many factors, starting from genetic predisposition till the time HIV is detected and including the time of medication (HIV). Patient may live a year or 30 years, but average life as indicated in WIKIPEDIA, is 9-11 years.

Some of the signs and symptoms of HIV related diseases and AIDS can be seen in the photographs and pictures of people with AIDS on our website.

Antiviral therapy intervenes in the life cycle of the virus, to stop its multiplication. Cure for HIV, affects the virus proteins, the necessary viruses for reproduction and prohibits them from functioning. So that the virus does not mutate and the treatment is helpful, doctors prescribe not a single but several medicines at the same time. More than that, a combination of antiviral drugs effect on both the proteins, which are present in contents of immunodeficiency virus. This strengthens their effect on suppression of activity of HIV through synergies.
The main minus point of this treatment is its cost, which is expensive, (in some countries the government provides funds for the treatment) adaptation to a particular drug, and also the side effects due to a larger dose of medicines. This is understood that the deadly AIDS has become incurable chronic disease, and cannot give any optimistic view.

Is there a cure for HIV?
The global community often gives a sensational news, that cure for HIV infection is found, treatment of AIDS has been successfully done, but these are all based on unauthorized facts, or experiments for the invention of AIDS vaccine is in first stage and they have already got positive results, but HIV patients are accepted as they are.

The one and only authentic treatment of AIDS (HIV test shows complete absence of Virus) was of Timothy Braun, who was under the risk of operation of transplantation of stem cells with an internal genetic  mutation, giving stability to immunodeficiency virus.

Recently, it was published in March 2013, that American scientists from Atlanta completely treated a newly born (one day baby girl) from HIV using standard medicines. She was given a combination of three drugs, which were earlier given separately. The result: on 29’th day there were no traces of HIV virus in the blood. They continued to give the combination of drugs during one and a half year to destroy the reservoir of virus (RNA of the virus interacts with DNA cells and suppresses to produce the same virus). When after two and a half years HIV test was done, the doctors did not find, neither the virus nor infected cells. The doctors presume that  main key aspect to the experiment was age of the child and early treatment of symptoms of HIV and AIDS.

In Denmark, according to statistics of April 2013 experiments of new cure for HIV is under progress. As it is known that in the blood immunodeficiency virus is easily destroyed, even the immune system of the body can tackle with it. (frankly saying the body spends its own resources, the CD4 cells), but from the infected cells – «reservoir» emerge more and more enemies. Here medicine or immunity can’t even cope. To compel the virus cells to leave their reservoir, Dutch scientists used larger doses (not toxic) of histone deacetylase (inhibitor HDAC). These inhibitors are usually used for treatment of cancer. Awakened and released virus cells are destroyed with the help of common anti-retro virus therapy.

In Italy also similar research is being conducted, over here they have concentrated on not the virus destruction, but on identification of infected cells - «depot». In fact if one can learn how to localize them (virus cells), identify the difference from normal cells, then all infected cells can be destroyed without waiting for their reproduction and subsequent infection. Unfortunately, developers (scientists) of this idea are far away from practical results.