Ways and methods the treatments for HIV.
A cure for HIV - 4 main ways

Drug treatment of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) involves the using of antiretroviral drugs, homeopathic HIV treatment, as well as the treatments of HIV using immunomodulators.
Drug-free treatment is based on eliminating clinical signs and symptoms of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection with the help of physiotherapy equipment. The main principles of therapy of HIV infection are to prevent progression of the disease, the maximum possible amount of time of saving the disease in a state of "chronic low-grade infection", diagnosis on early stage and treatment of opportunistic secondary infections.

HIV treatment with antiretroviral drugs gradually loses its effectiveness over time, due to habituation of immunodeficiency virus to the using the drug as well as it can leads to complications due to side effects of HIV treatment guidelines (large chemical load on the body). It is known that the using of different variants of ART (antiretroviral therapy) inhibits the replication of the HIV virus in about half of patients. But even in the cases of these patients it is observed only stabilization of HIV symptoms in men and in women, and full recovery doesn’t take place. And the side effects of antiretroviral therapy are very significant. The studies show that the level of virus in the peripheral blood does not fall below 400 copies of HIV RNA per 1 ml of plasma, even in the case of the disappearance of the external symptoms of HIV in men and women.

Homeopathic HIV treatment is concentrated not on the virus, but on the organism, and is aimed to change the immune response rather than suppressing viral replication processes. It is based on vaccination of the patient by attenuated HIV virus or plasmid DNA. It is harmless, has no negative effects and doesn’t poison the body by products of decay of strong chemical drugs, as in the case of ART. Homeopathic HIV treatment strengthens the immune system, has a strong immunomodulatory effect and conducts natural drainage of the internal organs by natural ways, purifying them. Homeopathy also increases the resistance of the patient to fight opportunistic infections and secondary illnesses. Homeopathic remedies have no antiviral activity. According to the results, homeopathic treatment can achieve the disappearance of some HIV infection symptoms, but it couldn’t completely cure AIDS as well not be.

Treatments for HIV using immunomodulators or immunostimulants, i.e. by substances that increase the body's immune response, is very useful not only for HIV symptoms in men and women, but for all diseases, epidemies, in the elderly, etc. It will contribute to the overall body strengthening. Although they say that if the HIV treatment will be held by Chinese immunomodulators, the effect is likely to be not medical, but psychological.

The using of immunomodulatory or immunosubstitute drugs is made for correcting of the developing immune deficiency in AIDS. The most common natural regulators of immune responses (thymic hormones, recombinant interleukin roncoleukin, interferon), synthetic drugs (imutiol, isoprinosine, levamisole, benambax-300, gepon, neovir), contributing to the restoration of immune status. Immunosubstitute therapy may include bone marrow transplant, mature thymocytes, thymus fragments. Hyperthermia and hyperthermia treatment of the patient's blood lymphocytes are also used.

In the treatments for HIV by immunomodulators, we must consider the following: if we will stimulate immunity of an AIDS patient with medications for a long time, as the result of this treatment immunity, on the contrary, may degrade, and symptoms of HIV infection will reveal itself again. Therefore, some doctors believe that the treatments for HIV by immunomodulators must be carried out in few cycles.

HIV treatment by electromagnetic radiation of special physiotherapy equipment (EHF therapy) is free from defects of drug treatment (it is not addictive, there is no threat to immunity, in addition, it is much cheaper). And the first experiments have shown the promising opportunities for devices to increase the response of body's immunity, cells, CD4 T-lymphocytes. You can read the news about HIV treatment and evaluate the initial results.

As a result of a proper medical treatment the condition of the AIDS patient improves, the symptoms of HIV infection and the symptoms of AIDS are eliminated.

Correct complex therapy combining all kind of treatments is the key to the good and natural result.