News about HIV Treatment. HIV cure news

It is known, that HIV has no cure, and if a human has HIV symptoms, he ought to receive the antiretroviral therapy for the rest of his life to prevent critical increase of virus quantity in his own organism. It exhausts the immune system, causes its aging that affected a rate of human aging. Look at pictures of people with aids.
But, nevertheless, the scientists from all over the world try to somehow make a destiny of people with HIV symptoms better, and they often have a success. 
We offer you a review “HIV cure news”, where we consider modern science advances and failures in respect of this disease.

The worse – the better!
It is known that HIV virus affects different people in different ways. Genes of one human some differ from genes of another. About 1% of people are genetically protected from immunodeficiency virus. The others are ailing in different degree: who – heavily, who – weakly. 
The article about treatment for HIV infection of the group of 70 patients was published in the “PLOS Pathogens” French journal. The group was formed from those people, who had very weak genetic resistance to the virus that became evident because of rapid manifestation of HIV infection symptoms in men and women. And since the disease was identified, the patients had begun to take the treatment for HIV in the period of five and ten weeks since contagion, that was significantly earlier then usually. The medicine taking had been discontinued after three years of the treatment, and the patients were let go home. But ADIS should be treated for the rest of a life, and the relapse began in the most of patients. Number of the CD4+ T-lymphocytes began to rapidly decrease, and content of the virus in blood began to increase.
But it was so not in all the patients. 14 people (who had the most bad and severe symptoms) proved to be practically cured from HIV infection. Now, 7 years later from the end of a treatment, their immune system independently keeps very low concentration of HIV in organism, they are practically healthy.
To medics’ suppositions, the main role belongs to very early start of use of antiretroviral therapy. Firstly, the virus had not been able to infect the enough quantity of the cells and turn them into storages. And, secondly, HIV had no time to mutate, therefore it successfully responded to antiretroviral therapy.  At the same time their immunity was able to get ready to destroy this minor existing virus quantity. 

The Berlin Patient – the First Case of Successful Treatment for AIDS
It is an officially reflected in documents case of complete cure from AIDS (rather from HIV infection symptoms – AIDS had not had time to develop yet). Due to the fact, that the patient Timothy Brown, who underwent a standard treatment from HIV in a form of antiretroviral therapy, leukemia an opportunistic disease was revealed. For the purpose of fighting with this disease the transplantation of stem cells was conducted. And the donor of these cells just entered 1% of people with a natural immunity to HIV. That is why the “Berlin patient” Timothy Brown is completely healthy now.

Another Case of Successful Treatment for AIDS
In the countryside of Mississippi State, in the July of 2010, in the family with HIV-infected parents a girl was born.  30 hours after birth she was made a blood test for HIV, which was positive. Immediately after that the child was injected with a complex of three antiretroviral medicines at once – zidovudine (AZT), lamivudine and nevirapine. Within a month the tests showed a progressive decrease of virus content in the blood practically to zero, but the treatment was conducting to 18 months, after that the mother stopped bringing the child on the procedures. 
9 months after such completion of a treatment, doctors had demanded to undergo the tests and continue a therapy. Imagine their surprise, when two carefully conducted blood tests did not reveal any signs of HIV virus presence. When checking this unique case of cure from HIV infection symptoms in the clinic of higher-level the sensation was confirmed: HIV presence was not revealed by test for CD4+T-lymphocytes and test for virus genetic material detection.
Doctors explain this case as follows: usually a newborn child with HIV symptoms receives only one medicine, but presently the child has received three medicines at once. This more rigorous method of a treatment has not allowed forming of the viral “keepers” – dormant cells that are not susceptible to antiretroviral therapy and are source of the virus and cause of relapses.

A Cure for HIV with Absolutely New Principle of Action is Almost Ready for Release
It is known that HIV treatment is aimed at destruction of immunodeficiency viruses in blood and other cells (sperm cells, neurons, dendrites) of a human. But such a therapy does not practically have an effect upon the monocytes – macrophages that are in human brain, liver and lungs. These cells try to obstruct and destroy the virus, storing it in the system of intracellular membranes. However, usually this attempt leads to the boomerang effect – HIV virus survives, accumulates in the macrophages (retroviral medicines cannot “kill” it here), and as these cells die it releases and continues its activity. The latest HIV cure news consists in that the Biotron Company has created a medicine, having a selective effect upon the macrophages. Losing a feeding the virus is rapidly eliminated with an ordinary therapy.
At the present time the final test of new medicine is conducted on the volunteers.

The Effective Vaccine for AIDS is Almost Created
This prognosis has been made by the Head of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) Anthony Fauci. He has the following arguments:
1. The test of combination of two new vaccines for AIDS was held in Thailand. Their simultaneous application greatly decreases a probability of HIV infection.
2. The antibodies, capable to neutralize human immunodeficiency viruses during laboratory researches, have been discovered in NIAID. It is necessary to produce a vaccine from them and vaccinate the relevant risk groups.
3. Along with the other preventive means of HIV prophylaxis (free condoms distribution, male circumcision, syringes exchange for drug addicts, etc), the vaccination against the immunodeficiency virus would allow taking the first step in attack, not in defense, against epidemic of HIV AIDS on the planet.