7 early symptoms of HIV infection in men

This is probably one of the most dreaded diseases besides cancer. Cancer cells can be killed, but not the HIV virus. There are a number of symptoms that manifest differently in men and women.

This specific article will explore and describe the symptoms that appear in males. Or rather, which specific HIV symptoms in men (symptoms of HIV infection are characteristic in men), and how soon do they appear. There is no doubt that men are more likely to get infected since they love to have multiple sexual partners; women have a much less chance of getting infected, because they stick to one sexual partner more often than not. And of course, many men just tend to forget about safe sex.

Let us go through the early symptoms of HIV infection in men, learn about ways of identifying them, and discuss what needs to be done to verify the accuracy of the diagnosis.

One of the first early HIV symptoms in men manifest in the form of a disease: the patient develops a fever, which can dramatically increase in magnitude. In general, this symptom appears almost immediately after contracting the infection. However, no matter how strange it may seem, but these symptoms disappear within two or three weeks. The temperature remains at around 38 degrees Celsius for several days. If at this moment there is a suspicion that something is wrong, or one is not sure of his sexual partner, it is better to visit a doctor and take a blood test to be on the safer side.

The second sign HIV symptoms in men are the headaches. They can be of a different nature - intense or mild. However, they are almost always constant. Such symptoms may also appear when you are down with flu. In such cases it is ok for the headaches to bother you for 1-2 days, but if it has persisted for more than a week then one must start thinking about it.

The third symptom of HIV infection is also the most reliable of all the possible ones. It can be actually seen on the skin and it appears for a period of approximately one to three weeks – it manifests as a rash along with colorless patches of skin.

The fourth sign suggestive of HIV infection are the swollen lymph nodes. They can appear in the groin or in the neck and armpits. After some time, the lymph nodes tend to harden without any pain.

The fifth HIV symptom in men is poor appetite. Of course, this is not a 100% sign of the person having HIV infection, but still, if it is accompanied by the above mentioned symptoms, then one must visit a doctor and get a blood test done.

The sixth sign is sharp weight loss. Quite obviously, if you lose appetite, then you are bound to lose weight, but if the weight loss is drastic in nature – one must start thinking. Of course, it could be a hormonal imbalance, but it is best to identify the problem in time by taking a blood test.

The seventh HIV symptom in men is loss of strength, a feeling of permanent (chronic) fatigue, malaise, and bad mood. Of course, everyday life at work can take its toll, but if that is not the case and fatigue appears very abruptly and for no apparent reason - one needs to give it a serious thought.