Memory Loss and Deterioration in Presence of HIV & AIDS. 8 main reasons

Memory problems or so called mental disorders (from neurotic actions to dementia and brain damage) are very often found, as they happen to be obligatory symptoms and signs of HIV.
Globally, loss of memory, reduced I.Q and imbecility in presence of HIV (AIDS) is caused by following factors:

  1. Peripheral nervous system and organic brain damage:
    It is a well-known fact that neural cells get more often damaged than any other cells of the human body. (E.g. it is precisely established that 1 blood cell is affected out of 10000 because of immunodeficiency virus, and within nerve cells every 100th cell is affected). In these cases memory lapses, concentration degrades and there is loss of coordination. Magnetic resonance tomography demonstrates changes in brain volume and structural changes of subcortical region. As the syndrome progresses the organic damage also affects. Dementia in higher or lower level is present in 90% of ailments, which is one of the main causes of death.
  2. The distinctive population of patients:
    By getting introduced to these persons, you will be among prostitutes, drug addicts and homosexuals who have reached to the last stage of disease. This is not an abusive phrase but a fact. May be you would find the article interesting regarding “Crimes of persons with HIV infection - a short analysis of HIV offenders (prisoners) in Russia”.
  3. The immunodeficiency virus possess neurotropic action, therefore damage to the nerve cells is relatively faster and shows up earlier than the symptoms of reduced immunity appear. In HIV symptoms in men and women - apathy, memory loss (temporary), insomnia, and obliviousness may also appear. Statistics show that patients with symptoms of HIV infection have increased rate of brain stroke.
  4. The antiretroviral potent medicines are not without any reasons named as such. They act not only on the human immunodeficiency virus, but on the whole organism. Especially on kidneys and liver which excrete products of these medicines, and moreover the end product may have toxic effect for human body. Illustrated experiments have proved that degradation of memory and reduced intellect which was considered as a symptom of AIDS is actually the after effect of antiretroviral drugs.
  5. The fact of awareness of HIV infection may lead to psychological disorders which can often instigate depression. Fear of death may appear which constantly establishes the process of dying. Amid psychotic disorders (hallucination, delirium, stupefaction and hypo maniacal condition) in some patients suicidal tendency may be seen.
  6.  For individuals (immunodeficiency virus infected) residing in wealthy developed countries have better chances of survival for AIDS patients because of a good medical establishments. On the other side in countries of the third world or poor nations people do not even have money for expensive medicines and essential products. For example in some countries of African continent average longevity is 35 years. It is understood that psychic disorders have a negative effect on memory and in development of essential functions.
  7. Particular negative impact on intellectual activities and memory has gained a latest vogue medical problem - Phobia of AIDS or delusion of AIDS intrusion. The number of such persons is increasing day by day. AIDS phobia can emerge in a normal (mentally) healthy person or in a patient ailing from schizophrenia, etc. In any case the person requires medical treatment.
  8. It appears that, infectious diseases are not directly related to brain as in the case of AIDS or Tuberculosis. It can affect memory or increase the rate of memory loss. In these cases there is loss of concentration and level of I.Q is reduced. Scientists from the University of Southampton have proved that infectious diseases aggravate the level of inflammatory protein, named as tumor necrosis factor present in blood. If not using the scientific terminology, then any ailment can weaken the organism and affect functions of the brain.

Loss of memory, weakened coordination and reduced intellect are most annoying (unpleasant) HIV symptoms in men and women. There is only one way to tackle with AIDS- That is when signs and symptoms of HIV intrusion show up, immediate treatment should be started.