History of HIV and AIDS

1926 – 1946
The mutation of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus into  HIV in the connexion with the first infection human  of monkeys.

The first death registered from AIDS
The worldwide oldest  blood sample of African patient from the Republic of Congo, containing HIV was documented.

HIV symptoms in men and women had been first time found out USA citizens , Tanzania,  Sweden and Haiti. Typically, homosexuals and also drug addicts.

 In the USA was noted the strong more frequent cases of Kaposi's sarcoma  in the young homosexualists. This disease  was named "gay cancer", and then GRID - "gay-related immune deficiency".

The illness was named AIDS -"acquired immune dificiency syndrome".

HIV - "human immune deficiency virus" was detached in France.
A year after this the virus was again discovered in the United States.

The ways of transmission were determined: through blood, vaginal secretions and also in breast milk and semen.
The realization of first International  Conference on AIDS.
6972 American people   passed away  of AIDS. For example, famous actor Rock Hudson.
Donor blood and its processing products had been HIV-checked  (currently only in Japan and the U.S.).

Now blood checking is carried in most of Europe countries.
The first official public report about AIDS was published.

Ronald Reagan, the USA president, first publicly pronounced the word "AIDS".
Entry of immigrants and tourists with symptoms of HIV infection into the USA was denied.
The first drug of  AIDS  - AZT - was synthesized and officially been tested.
The first  USSR discovery of  AIDS.

Manufacturer of remedies for HIV infection reduces the cost of AZT by twenty persent (in according to the requirements of numerous AIDS activists).
27,666 AIDS deaths registered officially in the United States.
Due to the negligence of Russian health workers in   Elista hospitals were HIV-infected more than one hundred children.

Ten million of people are living worldwide being HIV-infected. More than million of this amount reside in the USA.
Next remedy against AIDS - didianozin (Videx) - was issued.

Invention and official approval of the female condom.
Scandal in France - the blood bank samples were HIV-infected.
The Russian  legend of ballet Rudolf Nureyev passed away of AIDS.

The issue of another remedy for treatment people who live suffering HIV infection symptoms  - d4T (Zerit). Produced in Western Europe and the USA.

In Germany four medical staffs were jailed for saling of tainted blood.
In Russia on Aug. 1 was accepted the Federal Law "On Prevention of Spread of the disease caused by HIV - "human immune deficiency virus"."

The Eleventh  International Conference on AIDS was hosted in Vancouver. There was announced about the new method to fight AIDS. The drugs - protease inhibitors - were elaborated.
In Russia was acknowledged that the main way of HIV infection spreading is injecting drugs.

The oficially estimated quantity of people with HIV infection  worldwide is 22,000,000.
Of them  already have died - 6,400,000.
Starts working the Nations Programme on Access to AIDS remedies for the developing and poor  countries.
A decline of AIDS mortality (comparing with the previous, 1996 year) was first officially registered in the USA  in consequence of  the using of new methods of treatment.

The 12th International Conference on AIDS  recognized that despite the advances in science, medicines against AIDS are very expensive, and therefore cannot be used in the developing countries.

A new protease inhibitor (amprenavir) was elaborated in the United States.
In Warsaw took place a conference of the Global Network of People who suffer from HIV and AIDS.

Another remedy for AIDS -  Kaletra, a protease inhibitor has been tested.
The Durban Declaration, which was signed by 5,000 medical professionals from around the globe  confirms that HIV causes AIDS. Some well-known people, including Thabo Mbeki, South Africa President , say that AIDS is fiction and deny the connexion between HIV and AIDS.

189 countries -   the United Nations members had signed the "Declaration of Commitment on HIV / AIDS."
In the United States was implemented in production a medicine of a new class. It was a nucleotide inhibitor of  reverse transcriptase "Viread."
In Russia in 2001 were registered 88,120 persons with HIV infection  symptoms, almost two times more than in 2000.

The creator of the  red ribbon Frank Moore died of AIDS.
Forty million people on the Earth live with the symptoms of HIV infection.
Russia has stepped over 200,000 registered (but in reality this number is several times greater) of HIV-positive people.
In Moscow, at the Heads of Government meeting, analyzed history of HIV and AIDS.
The AIDS  was recognized epidemic.
At the fourteenth International Conference on AIDS and HIV in Barcelona, it was announced about the new HIV drugs -  the fusion inhibitors and integrate inhibitors.

Prophylactic vaccine AIDSVAX, passed all phases of clinical trials, found to be ineffective.

The first conference, that took its place in South-East Asia (Thailand) was called Fifteenth International  Conference on AIDS.
"Global Coalition" on AIDS and Women was found.

Nelson Mandela, son of South Africa Vice-President,  died of AIDS. Public funding of AIDS fighting  in Russia in 2006 increased by 20 times in comparison the index of 2005.

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