Symptoms of HIV in men (in comparison with HIV symptoms in women)

Men lead more sexually active lives, more often change sexual partners, that’s why, it is more likely for men to catch HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). However, according to statistics, in risky contact with HIV infected partner, it is more likely for women to catch HIV (here works geometry: the area of risky mucous membrane in men (head of the penis) is much smaller than the entire inner area of the vagina in women).

Now we are going to describe HIV signs and symptoms in men:

Fever. This symptom can occur soon after the infection. After 2-3 weeks, the temperature normalizes.

Headache. Can be periodic, can be mild, but constant.  It will appear like any headache with fatigue or flu.

Rash or discolored skin areas can occur within 1-3 weeks after infection. One of the really visible signs and symptoms of HIV infection.

Swollen lymph glands in the armpits, groin, or neck. Lymph glands enlarge and become firm. But don’t hurt.

Loss of appetite. Can appear because of HIV infection, and the flu, and stress at work. But in a set with other HIV symptoms men should think about it and undergo medical tests.

Indeed, if you see all the symptoms of HIV, remember all your "deeds" and go for a rapid  HIV testing.

And here is another disadvantage: HIV symptoms in men appear much more unnoticeable than HIV symptoms in women. This leads to the fact that a man thinks: "I'm healthy, no AIDS," but in fact it is high time to take measures. And how do the symptoms of HIV in men differ and how are the symptoms of HIV in women are evident, read HIV symptoms in men and women (general) and HIV treatment guidelines