Superficial candidiasis in the background of HIV infection. Candidiasis. This is an endogenous infection, I.e. the cause (pathogen) of disease is present itself in the organism of patient in a latent state. In the weakened stage of bodyТs defense system (e.g. in HIV symptoms in men and women) the pathogen (exciter agent) is activated and the disease starts to develop rapidly. Moreover in cases of AIDS it happens so often, that atrophic form of oral candidiasis can be pleasantly considered as one of the markers for HIV infection. Disease in the context (background) of poor immune system develops rapidly and differs in a larger area of lesions. The cheeks, lips, tongue, throat, and lymph nodes in the neck (Tonsils) are affected. Candidiasis of the oral cavity in approximately 50% males and females is one of the main or foremost causes of KaposiТs sarcoma and other opportunistic infections.

Superficial candidiasis in the background of HIV infection