Disseminated (miliary) Ц Ulcerative Tuberculosis {Tuberculosis Miliaris Ulcerosa}.
This form of tuberculosis appears again as a result of autoinoculation in patients with active form of tuberculosis of other organs, in presence of weak or absence of immunity (for different reasons). Usually orifices of the mucous membrane and the skin surrounding it get infected. Rashes represent fairly big nodules (size of a stickpin head), which in time form into abscesses and later convert to ulcers with uneven edges and tuberous fundus (bottom).
The group of risk includes people:

  1. Suffered earlier from another form of tuberculosis.
  2. Ailing from diabetes (Mellitus).
  3. Having various chronic diseases.
  4. Peple with HIV symptoms
I.e. People with weak immunity. Probability of developing tuberculosis because of the immune deficiency increases by 10 times.

Disseminated (miliary) Ц Ulcerative Tuberculosis {Tuberculosis Miliaris Ulcerosa}