Cytomegalovirus (C.M.V) and AIDS. From 70 to 100% residents (inhabitants) of our planet are carriers of cytomegalovirus, which is present in a latent (dormant) state. If a person’s immunity gets weakened by any means, then the dormant virus gets activated. The cytomegalovirus can cause severe consequences, if the treatment is not started in time. Cytomegalovirus including immunodeficiency virus destroy the immune system, and if they act together on the organism then the speed of development of the disease increases by all limits. CMV virus occupies first place among HIV related viral diseases. The internal organs and nervous system get affected due to disease. According to statistics, infections based on cytomegalovirus occur in 20-50% patients of AIDS and is the reason of death for many of them.

Cytomegalovirus (C.M.V) and AIDS