Pneumocystic pneumonia (height of disease) There can be seen well focal lesions of different size, which are localized across the whole lung, creating the so-called Уcotton-wool lungФ. Separate parts of the lung are inflated. The great amount of focal lesions can be seen.
75% of HIV-infected children suffer from pneumocystic pneumonia during the first year of their life and 38% of HIV-infected children suffer from this disease when they are older. The pneumocysts are defined in the biological material. The disease progression is relapsing or chronic and the prognostication is unfavorable.

HIV symptoms in men: Pneumocystic pneumonia (height of disease)

Pneumocystic pneumonia Pneumocystic pneumonia 
The picture shows the lung damaged with pneumocystic pneumonia of the patient with HIV-infection. x 100 and x 250 enlarging.
The alveolus lumens are filled with frothy exudate in which round whitish cells with heavy cover are buried. The basophilic endocellular structures can be seen inside the mature pneumocysts which are filling the whole cell in the process of their development. Later the cell tears off and the endocellular structures get into the surrounding tissues, and the mother cell degenerates gradually.