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HIV symptoms in men and women (general)
Detection of antibodies to HIV-1, 2 in patient's blood is a direct confirmation of HIV infection. These types of protein can be detected with the help of special tests, which are conducted in specialized laboratories and AIDS centers. >>>


7 early symptoms of HIV infection in men
This is probably one of the most dreaded diseases besides cancer. Cancer cells can be killed, but not the HIV virus. There are a number of symptoms that manifest differently in men and women. Or rather, which specific HIV symptoms in men (symptoms of HIV infection are characteristic in men), and how soon do they appear. >>>


HIV symptoms in men
Earlier we wrote about the main HIV symptoms in women and described general common HIV symptoms. Now let’s find out what HIV symptoms in men are typical.
There are main symptoms of HIV infection in men: >>>


HIV history
There is another “terrible version” of the origin of HIV history:
Scientists at a secret laboratory in the Pentagon used the techniques of genetic engineering to develop a virus that weakens the human immune system. They used hybridization to combine fragments of two different viruses that caused malignant diseases of the blood (in humans) and damaged the nervous system... >>>


History of HIV and AIDS
1926 – 1946
The mutation of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus into  HIV in the connexion with the first infection human  of monkeys.
The first death registered from AIDS
The worldwide oldest  blood sample of African patient from the Republic of Congo, containing HIV was documented.
1978 >>>


HIV treatment guidelines
Let’s formulate the main principles of treatment of HIV infection.
1.Increase in the amount of viral RNA in infected cells damages their immune system and eventually leads to the development of AIDS. If replication of HIV virus is not slowed down (suspended) in time, the immune system of the patient starts weakening... >>>


The three stages of transition from HIV to AIDS
The development of symptoms of HIV infection in men and women depends on the amount of virus in the blood. HIV infection progresses slowly, but steadily. >>>


Symptoms of HIV in men (in comparison with HIV symptoms in women)
According to statistics, in risky contact with HIV infected partner, it is more likely for women to catch HIV (here works geometry: the area of risky mucous membrane in men (head of the penis) is much smaller than the entire inner area of the vagina in women)... >>>


How is HIV transmitted. How do you get HIV
There are several ways of HIV transmission: unsafe sexual contact, the use of unsterile equipment, transmission of the virus from mother with HIV infection to her baby... >>>


The main secondary disease in HIV infection. The most frequent illnesses
Nobody has died from HIV yet – all the deaths occurred to the reason that the weakened body lacking function of immune system was not able to fight with cold, fungus affection and regular falters in central nervous system... >>>


Early symptoms of HIV in men and women. First symptoms of AIDS
It is widely known that neither HIV nor AIDS has got any specific symptoms. The first and the earliest signs of AIDS in men as well as in women appear when the organism overcomes a hardship while struggling with the opportunistic infections>>>


Negative test for HIV positive patients. HIV window period
Is it possible that patient of AIDS can have negative test results for HIV?>>>


How do you get HIV, how can you get AIDS
Immunodeficiency virus, which causes the AIDS, can be contracted in several ways: Sexually, Through the blood, Vertical transmission>>>


Is there a cure for HIV
AIDS, according to accountability of its results is one of the most horrible diseases known in the world. More than 30 million people have died from AIDS >>>


Ways and methods the treatments for HIV
A cure for HIV - 4 main ways of HIV treatment: antiretroviral therapy, homeopathic, treatments for HIV using immunomodulators, HIV treatment by electromagnetic radiation >>>


News about HIV Treatment. HIV cure news
It is known, that HIV has no cure, and if a human has HIV symptoms, he ought to receive the antiretroviral therapy for the rest of his life to prevent critical increase of virus quantity in his own organism >>>


Crimes of People with the HIV Symptoms
Brief Analysis of HIV - positive prisoners. To imagine the portrait of the average prisoner, look at the results of the opinion poll >>>


How is HIV transmitted and how to avoid it
The table "Average statistical risk of HIV transmission" presents statistical data on the number of HIV infections depending on the number of attempts, that is, having sexual contacts >>>


HIV and AIDS facts
The Interesting facts about HIV and AIDS >>>


How to prevent AIDS
According to statistics, AIDS is lasting on average about 9 months and ends with a patient death >>>


Early HIV symptoms in men and women (illustrated)
First HIV symptoms resemble those of common contagious diseases – influenza, rhinitis, etc. One may also feel a headache, fatigue or depression (low spirits). Who would ever have thought that he has contracted a terminal illness with such symptoms?>>>


Memory Loss and Deterioration in Presence of HIV & AIDS.
8 main reasons

Memory problems or so called mental disorders (from neurotic actions to dementia and brain damage) are very often found, as they happen to be obligatory symptoms and signs of HIV. >>>